How To Pass A Mouth Swab Test in 2015

image of how to pass a mouth swab test 2015In this article, we take a look at how to pass a mouth swab test. While hair and urine tests have been the norm for a couple decades now in terms of employee screening, one new form is saliva testing. Many companies prefer this because it is less invasive than urine testing and hair testing, while also giving accurate results.

With a simple swab, it is possible to see what substances have been used by an employee in the past. The cost of this screening is very low, but not as low as urine testing. It is lower than the cost of hair or blood testing, generally costing just under $100, or as low as $75 in some cases.

The screening has been used only in the past decade or so, but it is becoming more and more popular among companies as time goes on. It still has a very long way to go to be as common as hair follicle testing, and especially urine testing.

In regards to the advantages, it is an incredibly easy-to-collect method that yields results faster than any other sort of screening. Another big advantage is that it can be performed at any location, with very little training. In fact, it does not even require a clinical technician. All of these advantages mean that saliva testing is becoming more popular for pre-employment testing.

It is relatively easy to pass if you know what you are doing. Certain foods can alter the production of saliva and detox drinks are effective in masking the presence of certain substances in the saliva.

How Does It Work?

The test is very simple. A saliva test comes in many different forms depending on the lab that is being used, but the most common way is to swab the inside of the mouth. The kit will draw saliva through a membrane and this membrane allows saliva to wet the strips that contain several different dyes.

Mouth Swab Statistics

image of saliva test statisticsScreening results can be given within five to 15 minutes. This is by far the fastest rate of any test on the market today.

Within saliva, there are metabolites that allow for testing of roughly 24 to 36 hours, allowing for quick detection. This has helped to make the saliva exam more acceptable by some companies compared with hair follicle testing that can find results from as far back as 90 days.

How To Pass A Mouth Swab Test

There are several ways to beat the exam, including:

1. You can wait until your saliva clears up.

2. One of the most common ways to beat it is to use detox products. There are detox products that will block the traces in your saliva. These products work to varying degrees, depending on the manufacturer and the chemicals used to deal with the saliva traces.

3. For it to be accurate, no food, drink or tobacco can have been in the mouth. This means that if you drink anything, eat anything, and especially smoke, you can cause the results to be confused.

4. You can eat foods that are high in fat. If you don’t want to use the detox mouthwashes available, which don’t always work, you can eat foods that have a great deal of fat.

5. If you have any Altoid mints, you can take those before the screening. Suck on them and they can help to mask and confuse the test results.

6. If you find out there is going to be a screening, you can chew ice up until it’s time for the test. The ice will help to cleanse the mouth and the saliva of any traces. It may not work, but it is worth a try if you want to beat the test.

7. Another thing to do is to take an at-home screening. This way, you can see if you are going to pass or not. By knowing this, you will know if there is something that you need to do to pass the test.

Saliva testing is becoming more popular because of its ease of use, but it can’t beat hair follicle testing for accuracy. With the ability to mask the traces in saliva thanks to certain foods, it is possible for a lot of false positives to be generated as a result. Nonetheless, many companies are choosing to use saliva testing because of its affordability and because the company can have results within just a few minutes at most.

Additional Saliva Screening Resources

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