Why You Should Choose Fake Urine

There are many reasons to consider using fake or synthetic urine for a screening. Since this type of screening is often used by employers to check their employees, a bad result can get you fired.

In case you are unemployed and searching for a job, this type of test is again, a make or break point in getting hired. Not passing the test instantly means no job for you.

If you have any reasons to think your test will turn up bad, a bit of help to get it right will not hurt at all.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Own

Screenings work like this: A sample of urine is asked of you and you hand it over to a lab technician who checks it. If you use your own pee, there are chances that something may go wrong. Some people can turn out positive, just because they ate certain foods or took certain medications.

A common method used by people who want to pass is using certain substances to counterattack the effect of others. But playing with the chemical balance in your sample like this can be harmful for your health. Plus, with lab technologies are getting more sophisticated, the people hired to do the test will be able to tell you tried to tamper with the results in this manner.

Using fake pee instead

Here is the number one reason why you should use fake urine instead. Laboratories cannot detect it as fake, and it will guarantee you the best results each and every time.

Trying other methods, like the ones described above, do not offer any guarantees and they can even cause you harm. Synthetic urine will not show any sign of medication in your system, and no one will be able to reject your sample.

Just think about taking medicines to counterattack other substances that may show up. How long will they take to work? And are their results bulletproof? With fake pee, you don’t have to worry about preparation time. It is ready to go, out of the box.

Another reason why you should opt for fake urine is that it looks exactly like the real stuff. When you try using medications to modify the chemical composition of your urine, this can become discolored. That will be a clear warning sign for the guys working at the lab doing the screening.

The best synthetic pee (you can also make it yourself), on the other hand, will stay the same color throughout the time you need it for the testing. Needless to say, no one will suspect anything.

The main problem with screenings is that once the lab technician says something is wrong with your sample, you are automatically to assumed to be positive, and you will not get another test to prove them wrong. Don’t take any gamble on your current or future job and just use the fake stuff.

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