Maintaining Fake Urine at the Right Temperature

Urine is often used for certain types of screenings, and many people are not comfortable with the results that the tests may return. The phrase ‘synthetic urine’ may have already come up in your searches, and that is for a very good reason. When it comes to passing this type of screening, fake urine is a great ally.

Using the best synthetic or fake urine is very simple. This type of product is very easy to use and all you have to do is read the fine print and do exactly what the manufacturer says. One of the most important aspects, nonetheless, is being able to keep the temperature of the synthetic urine you are using at a certain level. Why is this important?

Temperature is the first thing lab technicians look at when they are checking urine samples provided by those who will go through the screening. The ideal temperature is between 94-100 degrees Fahrenheit, and keeping your sample in that range is the first thing to worry about.

To make sure that your sample will not be rejected, you only need to follow the instructions offered by the manufacturer. However, if you want to make sure that no unexpected problems will appear and you want to be prepared ahead of time, use the following advice on how to maintain the fake urine sample at the right temperature.

A small trick – hand warmers

All you need in order to keep your urine sample warm is a source of heat. Hand warmers really come handy in this case, because they can be bought from almost any store happening your way. Try to get warmers that are more efficient and last longer, because this way you will ensure your sample will be maintained at the right temperature, until the exam takes place.

Here is how you actually use the hand warmers for this task. Take one and wrap it around the cup containing the sample. If needed, use some elastic bands to keep it in place. To avoid any mishaps, check the temperature a few times. Most important, see if the value showed on the thermometer is within the aforementioned range. This way, you will know your sample temperature will not cause any suspicions to the lab technicians in charge of the screening.

Important: Fake urine products usually include temperature strips, so you can easily check the values. However, in case you got one that does not have this accessory, just buy one strip or more from your local pharmacy. Knowing the exact temperature of your sample will help you pass the screening.

Your body is an important source of heat

You may have noticed how the temperature range needed for the sample is close to what is considered normal body temperature. This leads to a simple, yet useful conclusion: you can use your own body as the source of heat to make sure that your sample is at the correct temperature. Since synthetic urine is often used in small bags made of plastic, you can attach the sample somewhere on your body, to ensure that it will show the right temperature once it is subjected to testing.

Men and women use different strategies to use their body heat for bringing their samples at the right temperature. Guys, for instance, prefer placing the sample close to their crotch area, because this is where body temperature is usually highest. Here is a good piece of advice: get a pair of tighter briefs for this task, to make sure that the sample doesn’t slip.

Women also use their crotch to get the sample to the right temperature. Keeping the bag with fake urine between their legs helps achieve the wanted result. The genital area is most efficient for this task, and placing the sample between two pairs of underwear and dressing them up works like a charm.

Place the sample in a microwave

If you have the possibility to heat the urine sample in a microwave, there is no simpler way to achieve your goal. Just shake the bag after using the device, and check the temperature to avoid any mishaps.

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