What It Is Synthetic Urine and How It Is Used?

Synthetic urine is a special substance created with the specific purpose of resembling human pee in composition and appearance. This type of fake urine is carefully designed so that it has the same pH, concentration of uric acid and so on. It can also be used by someone who wishes to pass such a screening, without the results appearing positive “bad things.”

Why is it used for equipment calibration?

You are probably wondering why real pee is not used for calibrating the equipment in labs. The problem with real urine is that each person in the world has certain characteristics that reflect in bodily fluids as well. Basically, if a lab would use urine from a real person, the equipment will not calibrate well, and the results rendered when taking further tests will be skewed.

Today, many people use it to for screeings, but it is also used for diaper testing. The number one reason why synthetic urine is so commonly used it to alter a screening. This is because it is so similar to real urine in the composition of uric acid and other chemical compounds, that even experts cannot tell the difference. Actually, manufacturers really strive to make their products as close to the real deal as possible, and that is why synthetic urine is preferred by people under stressful situations.

Besides uric acid and creatine, manufacturers also use coloring agents, vitamins, minerals and hormones, also for the purpose of making their fake pee look real.

Can it really be used and work?

Because it is so close to the real stuff in how it looks and the chemical compounds it has, it is often used for screenings. The only way for labs to actually detect if it is not real urine is by running a complex genetic analysis, and that is something they do not do.

What those going through the test must do is to bring the sample they use to their body temperature, so that lab technicians never suspect that the sample was replaced with fake stuff.

Is it legal to purchase?

Top rated fake pees are readily available in many online, as well as brick and mortar stores, and there is no restriction to buying it. However, measures have started to be taken and now there are several states in the US, where you are no longer allowed to purchase such products. The safest method remains shopping online, because you will be able to purchase it fast and easy, without any complications.

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