FAQs On Quick Fix Plus 6.1 and 6.2

The widespread use of quick fix synthetic urine has often drawn criticism among many sports enthusiasts. Mankind has always had a way to cheat the system and have events play out in their favor. Quick fix plus 6.2 (the newest version out) comes as the ultimate cheat for all those who can’t afford to fail a urine test. In spite of its growing popularity, a lot remains vague about its usage and effectiveness.

This article contains a compilation of the most frequently asked questions about quick fix plus 6.1, not necessarily in support of its usage, but for the purposes of informing the reader about this genius of an invention. Let’s start off, shall we?

If you’re not sure whether it works, be sure to read our full Quick Fix Plus 6.2 review.

Can It Be Detected In Laboratory Tests?

Quick fix plus 6.2 has been synthesized in such a manner that it mimics the natural urine in its molecular structure which makes the two indistinguishable. Properties such as creatine, pH balance, foam, protein color, and specific gravity that are characteristic of natural urine have also been incorporated in this synthetic sample.

Is It Guaranteed To Work?

For nearly a decade, quick fix synthetic urine has had a 99.9% success rate among both men and women. It is very unlikely that individuals will fail a urine test after using the synthetic substitute, and if it so happens, the fault will lie on the individual’s failure to follow the instructions. Nonetheless, a 100% money-back guarantee is provided for unsatisfied users.

How Can One Attain The Perfect Body Temperature When Preparing The Urine Sample?

There are usually two methods of achieving that; the quick preparation method and the slow preparation method. In the former case, the synthetic urine solution is microwave heated for roughly 10 seconds or until it reaches a temperature of between 90-99°F. To prevent the temperatures from falling below that, you can use the heating pad provided and attach it to the bottle containing the urine.

The bottle can also be kept close to the warmest parts of the body such as around the underwear or the braw area for women. The formula should never be kept in the pockets as a body search is often conducted prior to the urine test. The temperature of the synthetic sample should never be allowed to go below the standard 90°F.

The slow preparation follows almost all of the steps above, with the only difference being that this method is ideal for individuals who have no clue as to when they will be subjected to a urine test. Once the synthetic urine has been prepared, the idea is to ensure that it stays warm for the period until the test is conducted. The quick fix urine bottle is strapped with the heating cap as above, and attached to the warmest body parts.

Individuals might have to carry the urine bottle with them at all times to ensure that the temperatures don’t fall below the desired readings. Failure to constantly warm the urine sample implies that upon their summoning, individuals will have to create a diversion of about 45 minutes to warm the sample to the desired temperature of about 92-99°F.

What Is The Shelf Life?

With a shelf life of 2 years, this fake pee brags of having the longest shelf life compared to any synthetic urine ever sold. In every box that comes with the solution, a green insert containing the instructions for use and the date of manufacture is provided. The batch number is strategically located on the top left-hand side of the directions.

The special code can be used to determine just how old the purchased urine sample is and its set expiration date. Users need to verify the batch number before they provide the sample for testing. This can be done by contacting Spectrum Labs, and this will ensure that any counterfeit issues are addressed.

How Easy Is It To Understand The Batch Number?

The main reason as to why it would be important to clarify the batch number with Spectrum Labs is because the batch has been designed using codes unique to Spectrum Labs only. The codes are made unique so as to ensure the effectiveness of the product as well as its expiration date.

The batch number system can also be used as an insurance policy for the consumer since quite a huge number of bottles are produced and sold annually.

Is Re-Heating Possible Without Destroying The Sample?

The creators of this solution seem to have anticipated that people might not utilize the sample immediately it has been prepared. To accommodate all, the sample can be heated and cooled even on a daily basis without damaging the contents. The only requirement would involve the additional purchase of heating pads or the synthetic urine straps offered with the product.

Can The Sample Be Refrigerated?

The reader is highly cautioned against freezing or refrigerating the urine samples prior to preparation and after preparation. Storage should only be done at room temperature to preserve the integrity of the contents. Direct exposure towards the sunlight is also frowned upon as this has the potential of altering the urine’s pH levels.

So, whether you have a major urine test coming up soon, or you happen to know someone who is faced with the same situation, now you know why failure is not an option.

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