A Short Guide on Creating Fake Urine

You may have already heard how synthetic urine products (ones like Quick Fix Plus 6.1) are used by many people to go through certain screenings without a problem. It has the ability to show exactly like real urine, plus it is free of “bad stuff”. What is most important is avoiding to get caught while using this trick.

If you want to use fake urine, here is how to create your own.

The ingredients:

  • Warm water – one cup
  • Yellow coloring (food grade) – a few drops
  • A bit of salt

Pour the salt in the warm water and then add a few drops of the yellow coloring. Here you can decide how yellow you want the final result to look like. What you will get will be a substance that looks just like urine.

Getting caught is a possibility, so trying to use it has its risks. In case you are tested at a public center, chances are that there will be someone who will come with you when taking the sample. Fake urine is a solution, but you really need to be extra careful.

Another thing to keep in mind is that lab technicians have a knack at spotting it, and the experience to back them up. One of the most important things to do is to get your sample to match your body temperature before submitting it. A good trick is to use hot water instead of warm, so that it gets just to the right temperature value when you are required to hand out the sample.

Pretending that the sample is your actual urine can be a bit tricky. Using an urinator can help it look like it came out of you.

Understand the risks of being caught before trying out this solution. After all, nothing is 100% risk-free, and you should take all the possibilities into account.

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