Ultimate Guide To Synthetic Urine 2018

In this post, we review the best synthetic urine in 2017-2018 to help you pass your annoying urine test. Many people ask us if the new Quick Fix Plus 6.2 still works. If you aren’t aware, the testing labs constantly update their screening methods in an attempt to make synthetic urine useless. (updated 2/6/2018)

The good news is there’s still a product that will give you the result you’re looking. We’ve been in your shoes and know that trying to find reliable information on synthetic urine is confusing. It’s frustrating to read forum threads and blogs posts only to feel less certain about your future.

There is only ONE product we recommend to beat a urine test: Quick Fix Plus 6.2 synthetic urine.


Only a few companies actually sell the real stuff. Our trusted and preferred online store is QuickFixSynthetic.com. 

They also have a coupon code available. Enter PASSTHAT to save on your order.

Why Do Some Fail?

Does all synthetic urine work? Not all of them will work–you can’t simply use the first one you see.

Our research shows that not all fake urines are created equal. First, some do not contain the necessary ingredients. Remember, we’re looking to find a fake urine that “acts” like real urine (you know, the stuff that people pee from their body).

Currently, most people are concerned about the presence of uric acid. Real human pee contains uric acid. There are two types of synthetic pee that don’t contain uric acid:

  • Counterfeit brands
  • Low quality brands

We know, that’s a general statement. Well, it turns out that there is more synthetic urine out there than you might believe. At first, we thought it came down to QuickFix, Test Clear powdered urine, and UPass.

Allow us to be more specific: Quick Fix Plus 6.2 DOES CONTAIN uric acid. That’s a crucial factor–it’s also why we’re confident in calling Quick Fix Plus 6.2 the best synthetic urine kit.

Click here to learn more about how it works.

Synthetic Urine Reviews 2017-2018

1 – Quick Fix Plus Review (version 6.1-6.2)

image of quick fix plus 6.1

The REAL Quick Fix Urine

Does Quick Fix urine work (version 6.2)? Yes, it’s the only fake urine we recommend for anyone with an upcoming urine test. Here’s why it works so well:

  • Contains ingredients found in real human urine
  • The urine pH levels are at the same as humans
  • Contains correct gravity
  • Contains creatine (naturally found in our bodies)

If you’re looking to purchase some, BE CAREFUL TO AVOID COUNTERFEIT BRANDS. If you’re unsure, we confidently recommend QuickFixSynthetic.com. They are a trusted vendor that sells the real stuff.

2 – UPass Fake Piss Review

At this point, we are not able to recommend the use of UPass artificial urine. There were too many instances on the forums were the product did not work as intended.

Other Options Beside Synthetic Pee?

While there is not disputing the effectiveness of QuickFix Plus 6.1 or the newest Quick Fix 6.2 version, many people are uncomfortable using it. It can be unnerving and not something that all people are okay executing.

With that in mind, here are some other options we found during our extensive research process.

Detox Programs

Before you stop reading, please hear us out. Most detox drinks are terribly marketed in a desperate plea to get people to buy them. It’s easy for the companies to promise they work; it’s tempting because the drinks are cheap. It’s hard to resist them.

Before you give up on detox drink, you must first understand their purpose and limitations. Detox drinks, despite the shady advertising, were never meant to be the “one-stop-shop” magic cure. Simply put, detox drinks alone will not won’t be your magic formula.

If you’re on the edge and don’t want to use fake piss, it may be a great option for you.

Click here to view our top rated detox drink.

Here are a few factors that come into play:

  • Your weight
  • Your body fast
  • Your metabolism

Total Detox Friend?

If you’re not okay using fake pee or a detox program, then might want to consider Total Detox Friend. Our research found mixed results with Total Detox Friend. People that saw positive results said that following the instructions (exactly) is crucial for success.

There were people that had bad results. They often complained that the product was too difficult to follow. If you’re patient then Total Detox Friend may work wonders for you.

Commonly Asked Questions

A lot of people ask, “Where can I buy synthetic urine?” We recommend that you go with a trusted online store. Currently, QuickFixSynthetic.com sells the real stuff (avoid low quality shops that might sell you a counterfeit).

Another popular question is, “Does a fake urine kit work?” The answer is yes, but you need to be careful when you proceed with fake piss. If you choose a trusted product like Spectrum Lab’s Quick Fix, then you will have a high success rate.

We also get asked the following, “Does synthetic urine expire?” Yes, your QuickFix urine will expire after two year. The official wording states, “QuickFix Urine has a two-year shelf life.”

Other Synthetic Piss Products

Currently, we are only able to recommend Quick Fix urine (plus version 6.1). We’re not saying that other fake urine kits will not work, but we cannot tell you otherwise with confidence.

Here are some other products you may have heard about:

  • P-Sure
  • Powdered Urine (from TestClear)
  • Monkey Whizz
  • U Pass

Additional Synthetic Piss Resources

Our Story

We created this article because we were sick of the amount of conflicting viewpoints on the synthetic urine. Some people say it works and then you’ll read the next post only to find out something went horribly wrong. And then there is the “outdated factor”: just because a fake urine worked two years ago doesn’t mean it will cut it today (the labs do a decent job at trying to stay one step ahead).

In this post, we review the best synthetic urine kit available in 2017 to make sure you’re in the best position. We’re simply going to cut through the bullshit and let you know what’s working.

Not looking for urine testing information. Read more about how to pass a hair test in this article.

Why Trust Us?

image of searching for synthetic urine informationWe let the forums speak for themselves. My partner and I have spent over 200 hours sifting through online forums to make informed decisions. I’m sure you’ve read a ton of forums as well, but we are confident we took it a step further.

We’re kind of Internet geeks and are able to pull the right kind of information (you’re probably saying what the hell does that mean?).

Basically, we run advanced Google searches that look something like this:

  • “Quick Fix” + “forum” -2014 -2013 -2012 -2011 2010
  • “Quick Fix Plus 6.1” + “forum”-2014 -2013 -2012 -2011 2010
  • same for “fail”

These advanced search functions allow us to find forum posts that you probably missed. Even if you did find them, our unique search allowed us to find them with ease.

Using quotations allows Google to find only blogs that have the “exact terms” on their page. Forums is in quotations because it helps Google find only forum style websites. Other websites are okay on occasion, but the forums are where real people share their experiences about synthetic pee.

Last, the “-2014” removes all forum posts that were created in the year 2014. We take it a step further to we don’t receive old results. Like we mentioned, reading a users experience from 2012 doesn’t help anyone.

Note: there’s an easier way to exclude certain years. Just hit “search tools” after you make search. You will different options for the date range; you’re also able to customize the exact date.

We’ve read hundreds of stories of people using fake urine. That’s the kind of knowledge your acquire after 200 hours and some Google tricks.

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