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Welcome to the Synthetic Insider website! We hope you find all the information you are looking for.

Our Purpose

Our first goal is to provide you with meaningful fake urine reviews as it relates to the urine screening. There are a lot of blogs and forums discussing the matter. Our goal is to provide you with one resource so you don’t have to jump from site to site.

Our second goal is to provide information regarding two other screening processes: the hair and saliva test. The saliva test has become a popular choice and it’s important that you understand the entire process. The hair strand test isn’t as popular, but is considered the toughest one to swing in your favor.

Here are the main pages on our site:

  • Synthetic Urine – This article talks about common misconceptions with regards to synthetic urine. We dive into the different brands to find the best fake urine available in 2016.
  • Monkey Whizz – The Monkey Whizz is a lower priced alternative that still works great. It’s unisex and makes itself a popular choice with women. That said, many men still continue to use it. Read our complete review and see why it’s one of the best options on the market right now.
  • Monkey Dong – Unlike the Whizzinator, the Monkey Dong is a great affordable alternative. The device itself works great, but your success comes down to the type of urine that your use in the 3.5 oz pouch. To learn more, read our full review.
  • Hair Strand Test – This article discusses how the hair test works and possible ways to beat the test. The hair test can trace certain substances as far back as one-year, although 90 days in more common.
  • Saliva Test – This test is relatively new and an easy one to administer; it can even be done at the job site. Although it’s convenient, the mouth swab test is one of the easiest to manipulate.

Our Method

We find all our information on by researching other blogs and forums. We believe that forums are the best place to learn how things are working in the real world.

While we have not personally owned or used any fake pee products, we do not consider that a setback. We’ve spent over 200 man hours researching the topic. The number of forum posts we’ve read is quite insane.


If you decide follow one of our links and buy synthetic urine, we may receive a commission. We have to get paid for our efforts. It also helps cover the costs of this website (domain name and hosting).

While we do earn a commission when you decide to purchase synthetic urine with a 3rd party vendor, our reviews and information is honest. If we don’t think the product is right for you then we will make that clear.

In addition, many people have different assumptions on the purpose of fake piss. Synthetic Insider assumes that synthetic urine will be used within the accordance of your local law.

Here are two common reasons to purchase it:

  • Fetish
  • Pranks

If you have any questions, please reach out by using our Contact page.

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